Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the City Of Laveen?

There is no City of Laveen.  Laveen is a community in unincorporated Maricopa County.

How do I get a Burn Permit?

Burn Permits are NOT issued by the Laveen Fire District.  Contact the Maricopa County Department of Environmental Quality at 602-506-6700 for permit information.

Does the District remove bees?

No, we do not remove bees.  Check your local Yellow Pages for Pest Control or Bee Removal Services.

Can the District fill my pool?

No, we do not fill pools.  Check your local Yellow Pages for Water Hauling Services.

Fire Code Information

In accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes, the Laveen Fire District has adopted a nationally recognized Fire Code and updated it from time to time as needed.  Below is the historical Fire Code adoption information, starting with the currently adopted Fire Code as well as all previously adopted Fire Codes:

2012 International Fire Code - adopted 3/25/2014

2006 International Fire Code - adopted 7/27/2010

1997 Uniform Fire Code - adopted 10/26/1999

1991 Uniform Fire Code - adopted 12/15/1992

1985 Uniform Fire Code - adopted 9/2/1986 after 8/19/96 election approving Fire Code adoption

Public Records Information

As a governmental entity, the Laveen Fire District produces and maintains a variety of public records.  For all public records requests, please contact our Administrative Manager/Records Officer at 602-237-2083 or in person/mailing addresses listed under "Contact Us" on the home page.