Coverage Information

The Laveen Fire District provides fire and emergency medical services to residents of our fire district.  Laveen Fire District covers properties located within its boundaries that are in unincorporated Maricopa County.  The Laveen Fire District is funded by property taxes levied on properties within its boundaries.  There are no subscription fees for service.  The Laveen Fire District provides fire and emergency medical services to its residents via a contract with the City of Phoenix Fire Department.

Laveen is NOT a city or town, it is a community.  There are a large number of residential subdivisions and commercial business that are in the City of Phoenix.  While they have Laveen mailing addresses, they are not in the Laveen Fire District.

Not sure if you are in the City of Phoenix?  For residential customers - if you have City of Phoenix trash and recycle service, you are in the City of Phoenix!  Laveen Fire District residents will have "Laveen Vol Fire Dist" appear on their tax bill.  This is not to be confused with "Fire District Assistance" tax levy which appears on all property tax bills state-wide.

The Laveen Fire District is NOT affliated in any way with the Gila River Fire Department.


Fire Suppression

To Report a Fire ALWAYS call 9-1-1

Customer Service (24/7) 602-495-5555

Fire Reports:

Dispatch Incident History  602-256-3395

Fire Investigations (County) MCSO  602-876-1801

Medical Emergency

To Report a Medical Emergency ALWAYS call 9-1-1

Customer Service (24/7)  602-495-5555

Paramedic Report & Ambulance Billing (Phoenix Fire ETS)  602-261-8414

Fire Prevention

For information on Fire Prevention Programs offered by the Phoenix Fire Department, including inspection and access questions, contact Fire Prevention at 602-262-6771.

Community Involvement

For City of Phoenix Community Programs

Car Seat Installation 602-495-5437

Child Immunization  602-534-2229

Community Event Requests  602-262-6910

Other Services

For questions regarding other services or those not listed here, please contact the Laveen Fire District at 602-237-2083.

Limitations on Service

Please note that some services Phoenix Fire Department provides to City of Phoenix resients may not be available to Laveen Fire District residents.