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Laveen Fire District
Laveen, Arizona
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I contact the City of Laveen?
There is no City of Laveen.  Laveen is a community in unincorporated Maricopa County.

What is the difference between the Laveen Fire District and the Laveen Fire Department?
The Laveen Fire District is a governmental entity with the authority to levy tax and provide fire and EMS service to residents and properties within its boundaries.  It may provide those services itself by organizing and operating a Department (operational entity) or it may contract for services with another entity (public or private).  As the Laveen Fire District contracts for service with the City of Phoenix Fire Department, it no longer operates its own Fire Department.

How do I get a Burn Permit?
Burn Permits are not issued by the Laveen Fire District.  Contact the Maricopa County Department of Environmental Quality at 602-506-6700.

Does the Laveen Fire District remove bees?
Bee removal is a pest control issue.  To have bees removed check the local Yellow Pages for Pest Control or Bee Removal Services.  The Laveen Fire District does not recommend any particular companies.

Will the Laveen Fire District fill my pool?
The Laveen Fire District does not fill pools.  If you are in an area with a well and do not want to fill your pool from your well, you will need to contact a water hauling company.  The Laveen Fire District does not recommend any particular water hauling company.

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