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Laveen Fire District
Laveen, Arizona
Chairman Dan Agazzi
Clerk Andre Jenkins
Treasurer Fern Ward
Member Donna Holloway
Member Kathy Wallace
Fire Chief Mike Berggren
Administrative Manager Debbie Keating
Chairman Dan Agazzi
Chairman Dan Agazzi rejoined the Laveen Fire District Governing Board, once again taking on the position of Chairman.  He served on the Laveen Fire District Governing Board from 1998-2012 and was the Chairman from 2002-2012.  He resigned from the Board in 2012 to be appointed to the position of Laveen Fire District Fire Chief.  In August of 2014, he resigned the position of Laveen Fire District Fire Chief to fill a vacant position on the Governing Board.

Dan is a long time Laveen resident and is employed in the fire service for Arizona Public Service.

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